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Grey's Anatomy

5 Things Kate Walsh Is Obsessed With — According to Her Tumblr

We’re still in disbelief that Kate Walsh isn’t returning to Grey’s Anatomy, but just like her character, Addison Montgomery, she knows how to distract us.

Our favorite redhead branched out with her social media outlets and joined Tumblr, starting off like her Twitter page with an Instagram pic and some behind-the-scenes looks at her interviews, but then things got weird.

In addition to her amazing verification post — which started off as, “That’s right bitches, it’s really me.” — she refers to her fans as “kittenchops” and has already posted so many amazing things.

Here are five of Kate’s obsessions, according to her Tumblr — and yes, GIFs are involved.

5. She’s obsessed with cats

We already knew that Kate loves her cats, Billy and Pablo, but we didn’t know that she was so obsessed! Case in point: check out this crazy GIF she reblogged of a multi-patterned one!

 photo tumblr_mla3ml94IY1r1ymjko1_500_zps7efee223.gif

4. She’s obsessed with Rihanna

Not only did Kate post a gorgeous collage of original Rihanna performance photos, but she also embedded (tech-savvy, heeeey) one of her fav song remixes, “Pour It Up,” and posted a Vine of her preparing for the concert. Spoiler alert: it’s adorable.

3. She’s obsessed with GIFs... of herself!

To date, she’s shared the following GIFs. Note that at least one of them was reblogged with one word: “Holler.”

 photo tumblr_inline_ml5xoxf8F21qz4rgp_zpsb17077db.gif
 photo tumblr_inline_ml6g52zhYC1qz4rgp_zps8657646a.gif

2. She’s obsessed with Tumblr (and followers her own tag)

To shoot down rumors of her wearing high heels in the sand, she reblogged this GIF montage of her interview with Chelsea Handler and wrote, “No way this is true peeps. No way!” Kate is a classy bitch.

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1. She’s just as obsessed with her show(s) as we are

Amongst the cat pictures, Instagram shots from her vacation, and GIFs, she reblogged an adorable Private Practice collage, writing, “Awww. Miss these gals.” We’ll be waiting anxiously for a Grey’s Anatomy one. Any day now, Kate...

Credit: Kate Walsh's Tumblr    

Are you surprised with her obsessions? Tell us below, and then go follow Kate on Tumblr... now!

Alyse Whitney is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @AlyseWhitney.

04.18.2013 / 01:44 AM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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