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Jenelle Evans Gets Contacts! (PHOTO)

We're so proud of Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans. Gone are the days when this lovely lady trolled around The Dirty South in an Ed Hardy trucker hat while sobbing about the lack of bongs in her life. Now Jenelle is clean n' sober, and her biggest priority? Taking care of her health! And by "health," we mean her gorgeous green eyes.

It's no secret that Jenelle wears glasses, but it looks like this gal is ready to ditch the specks and rock contacts! The Teen Mom 2 star got her new lenses fitted on April 17, and she couldn't be happier with the results.

"The power of contacts !!!" Jenelle tweeted. "Thankkkk goddddddd! I can see CLEARLYYYY NOWWWW! Lol."

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So, did our favorite leopard print lover get hurt during her contacts fitting? Nope, girlfriend was a champ!

"It's not bad at all! I have Acuve Oasis :)" Jenelle tweeted. "they r extremely comfortable. Can't even feel them in my eye!!!"

Luckily, Jenelle had her husband,
Courtland Rogers, by her side during the grueling procedure, and he tweeted a pic of his lady love with the caption "Awww look at my wifey getting all fixed up ;))))))"

Sigh, Jenelle is so brave. No pain, no gain, y'all!

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