Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Emilie de Ravin on “Lacey” and Rumbelle’s Happy Ending — Exclusive!
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Emilie de Ravin on “Lacey” and Rumbelle’s Happy Ending — Exclusive!

Once Upon a Time Season 2 returns from its mini hiatus this Sunday, April 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, with Season 2, Episode 19: “Lacey." And for those of us who have been missing Belle, Rumbelle, and the wonderful Emilie de Ravin, this Belle-centric episode should be just the thing to help us get over the seven stages of hiatus grief.

The episode will center around Rumple (Robert Carlyle) trying to win Belle's heart again. But the problem is no longer that she has amnesia — Regina (Lana Parrilla) has "jogged" Belle's memory, but she didn't do it out of the goodness of her heart. Belle now thinks she's Lacey, who, in Gold's words, is "a scantily clad barfly.

So, who is this Lacey, and what does she mean for Gold? Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Emilie de Ravin, who dished on Belle’s new Storybrooke personality, the flashback portion of the episode, and what she thinks Rumbelle's happy ending would look like.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We know that in "Lacey" Belle will be implanted with false memories. Does her new Lacey personality have anything in common with Belle, or are they polar opposites?

Emilie de Ravin: Pretty much polar opposites.

It sounds like she's kind of a bad girl.

No. No, not necessarily a bad girl. Just a free girl, you know? Has her own mind. She's not rude or crude, she's just like, "Hey, if I want to hang out in the bar and play pool all day and do shots with my dwarf friends, then cool. I don't care what anybody thinks about what I wear, I'm not doing it for attention. I'm street smart, self sufficient." That kind of attitude. There's a toughness to her. Even though Belle has toughness to her, it's a different way.

Was it fun to have a change of pace and play the Lacey character?

Oh, yeah! That was really fun. And the scenes with Bobby [Carlyle] were really fun with that too. Because it's just so fish out of water for [Gold]. When he's trying to talk to me, and it's like we have nothing, nothing in common. It's fun and funny and also quite sad. If he can't get me to fall in love with him, then he can't get Belle back.

Is Lacey attracted or drawn to Gold, or is she just weirded out by him?

[Laughs] At the start, all that Lacey remembers — and this has nothing to do with Belle because she didn't know she was Belle — she remembers being in the hospital with no memory. So she does remember him coming to the hospital and kind of freaking her out, and she's like, "I'm not" — just makes the point of saying, "Dude, I'm not Belle, I'm Lacey." Making a big point of that. So that's sort of the start.

But then she actually ends up liking — She stumbles on him not being so nice to somebody. Little bit of beating up action going on. You'd think she would be, "Oh my god, what a cruel human being." But then when she looks at him she's actually turned on by it. She likes the bad boy image, obviously. And so that then turns the wheels in his head: "Well, I want Belle back, but this girl is accepting me for who I am, being dark. But then, I need Belle because she makes me a good person." So there's a lot of conflict for him.

Oh, interesting! So she likes the opposite of what Belle is drawn to in him.


Is Belle going to get her memories back? Can you hint about that?

Well, that's the thing. She's got her memories back, but they're not the right ones! I — I hope so. But you know, it's nice to keep a bit of mystery.

People should just tune in! And switching gears to the flashback portion of the episode, which we know involves Belle, Rumple, and Robin Hood, can you tell us a bit about what the OUAT version of Robin Hood is like?

Pretty smooth and ballsy and cool. And Tom Ellis who plays him is great. The fairy tale portion of the "Lacey" episode is cool because it fills in the gaps that we haven't seen with Belle and Rumple. Before they fell in love — or before they kissed. She starts to see a little bit of an inkling of good of him, and that has to do with our friend Robin stealing something from him. I let him go because that's what Belle would do, and Rumple's very upset. So we go on a little adventure to find [Robin Hood].

It sounds like it fits somewhere in the middle of "Skin Deep."

Yeah. I'm still in the gold dress. I love that dress! She doesn't change until mid-way through "Skin Deep," yeah.

More broadly, what — in Belle's head — would her happy ending with Rumple be? What future does she want for them?

I think they should get one of those round-the-world tickets and just stop wherever they want. Maybe some beaches would be nice. I think they just both want to be together in some probably remote place where none of this stuff's going on. Maybe have a few children. The kids might be magical, too — that would be fun!

For more from Emilie, follow her on Twitter @emiliederavin. And, of course, don't miss "Lacey" on April 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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