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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Nolan Ross Battles The Falcon in Episode 19, “Identity”

Revenge of the Nerds? It’s about to be in the Hamptons! In the aftermath of Padma Lahari’s death, Nolan Ross is a complete mess. And his main nemesis is fellow hacker, The Falcon. This mystery bird of prey, who is working for both The Initiative and the Graysons, is always one step ahead of the Nolcorp CEO.

But according to a new spoiler from TV Guide, we’re about to see a techie showdown. In Episode 19, “Identity,” we will learn The Falcon’s true ... well ... identity.

"Two major computer geeks going head-to-head — you can imagine that one," actor Gabriel Mann told the site. "How they [battle] is something that will inspire some laughs. I have to question whether [Nolan's] up on his self-defense kills at this point, but I will say he's going to need them really bad for things coming up soon.”

Yikes! We know the Season 2 finale is supposed to be Nolan-centric, but could his life actually be at risk? Hopefully he’s been keeping up with his boxing (we wouldn’t mind seeing him practice).

A recent spoiler tells us that a key character will die in the finale, but if Revenge kills off Nolan Ross, they might as well pack up their black hoodies because that would be the end of the series.

Are you excited for this nerd battle? Do you think Nolan is safe? Tell us below!

Source: TV Guide

04.18.2013 / 02:31 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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