Rob Pattinson Gave Kristen Stewart His Grandmother’s Ring: Report
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images    
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Rob Pattinson Gave Kristen Stewart His Grandmother’s Ring: Report

It sounds like Robert Pattinson has given Kristen Stewart something that's a bit more sentimental than a $40,000 pen.

Rob reportedly gave Kristen a slew of amazing gifts for her birthday earlier this month, but the standout item was a ring that belonged to his grandmother, according to OK! magazine.

“Rob gave Kristen his grandmother’s treasured pearl ring,” reveals a source.

“He just casually wrapped it in tissue, but it in an envelope and slipped it into her mailbox," adds the source. "No note, no words, just the ring." Give us a moment we're bawling right now.

So what does this ring mean exactly?

"It was a huge statement on Rob’s part symbolizing his full forgiveness of Kristen and his renewed trust in her future,” the source says.

So perhaps another ring might not be too far off in the future by which we mean, an engagement ring? At this rate, we wouldn't be surprised.

Rob also gave Kristen plenty of other loot on her birthday in person.

“There was the latest chain and bracelet set from Versace and a Hermès silk scarf,” says an insider. “He also managed to get a hold of an original vinyl copy of her favorite Van Morrison song, ‘Madame George.’” Aww!

And of course, let's not forget that $40,000 writing utensil that he gave her as well. Let's hope she doesn't get writers' block anytime soon.

So do you think this ring is a sign that they'll be getting married down the "road"? Or will they be "breaking" up before that happens?

Source: OK! via Hollywood Life