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The Bachelorette

Roberto Martinez and Sara Underwood’s Relationship: A Timeline

Have you heard the wonderful, rose-scented news? Hottest contestant of all time Roberto Martinez has finally found love in the wake of breaking up with The Bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Or more jealous. Roberto's new lady? None other than Playboy Playmate Sara Underwood (aka Ryan Seacrest's ex-girlfriend)!

Word on the street is that Sara and Roberto are more than a little serious, and we've rounded up a timeline of their relationship milestones for you to swoon over.

January 27, 2013: Sara and Roberto Go Public
Our favorite couple were photographed together with a group of their besties. Check out Sara and Roberto's body language! Clearly they were more than just friends....

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March 4, 2013: Sara and Roberto Go Hiking In San Diego
Roberto and Sara bonded with Mother Earth during a romantic hiking trip to Mt. Woodson in San Diego. Though we can't 100% confirm that they were together on this fated day, both Roberto and Sara posted pictures of their trip! "Hiking around San Diego," Sara tweeted. "And occasionally seeing what small places I can fit into."

March 19, 2013: Roberto Helps Celebrate Sara's Birthday
Roberto gave his leading lady the surprise of her life when he showed up at Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree, California, to celebrate her birthday with friends. "I had the best birthday surprise from my favorite people!" Sara tweeted. "Hicksville is the happiest place in the world. "

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March 28, 2013: Reports That Roberto and Sara Are Dating Hit Tabloids
Life & Style broke the news about Roberto's sexy playmate in late March. "They're serious. He couldn't be happier with Sara," an insider told the magazine, adding that "Sara is nothing like Ali."

April 3, 2013: Sara Moves To San Diego To Be Closer To Roberto
Sara packed up her bags (and her bunny ears) and left her hometown of Los Angeles for San Diego (where Roberto lives) on April 3rd. Looks like this hot couple are in it for the long haul!


April 8, 2013: Roberto Welcomes Sara To San Diego
It didn't take Sara long to get settled in Roberto's digs — probably because he gave her a warm (read: smokin' hot) welcome. "Perfect cap to a great weekend. Sunset surf w/ the lady at my side," Roberto tweeted. "Welcome to San Diego @SaraUnderwood!"

Seriously, how cute are Roberto and Sara? We have a sneaky suspicion that this gal will get his final rose, and who knows? It's never too soon to start planning a televised wedding on ABC....