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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Recap: Season 12 Top 5 Results! 4/17/2013 (VIDEOS)

Who was eliminated on American Idol tonight? Did Janelle Arthur finally reach the end of her journey in our American Idol 2013 recap this evening? Or did the voters decide they are finally ready to get rid of Amber Holcomb after weeks of disagreeing with the judges about her potential? Was it finally time for Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Mariah Carey to use their ‘Save’ power to rescue the person who got voted off American Idol 2013 tonight? Join us for our live American Idol recap and find out who went home — or didn’t!

After last night’s fabulous Top 5 American Idol performances show, we really kind of hope the judges would decide to use their ‘Save’ tonight. It’s their last chance to do so and the American Idol schedule already has room built in to accommodate a second round of Top 5 performances and elimination results. So why not stretch out the drama for another week, right?

We think if the voters decide to put Amber Holcomb on the chopping block tonight, the American Idol judges will definitely save her from going home this week. We are less sure, however, that they will use their power to keep country sweetheart Janelle Arthur in the competition if she ends up in last place.

If someone other than Janelle Arthur or Amber Holcomb ends up in the bottom two tonight, or somehow lands in last place, we’d find it very shocking! Should something crazy like that happen, however, we are absolutely certain the judges will not let the results stand and would save Angie Miller, Candice Glover or Kree Harrison in a heartbeat.

Ready to find out who went home on American Idol 2013 tonight? Or who didn’t? Our live recap of the Top 5 American Idol elimination results show starts right now!

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Starting off the show tonight, we have a montage of the eliminations of all five guys in the Top 10 finalists, followed by a celebration of the first all girls Top 5. Randy Jackson says “this Top 5 is the best Top 5 we’ve ever had.” We kind of disagree with that, but to each their own.

As usual, our first filler performance of the night for the American Idol Top 5 results show is a group number by the remaining contestants. There are random guy dancers on stage grinding on the girls and singing backup vocals. Some of them are looking way, way too happy to be thrusting their hips toward the ladies.

Back from the break and the American Idol Top 5 are off on their next ‘Ford Fiesta’ quest. This time they are doing a celebrity scavenger hunt. At the end when they reach their destination, the celebrity they find is Matthew Morrison from Glee. Ryan notes that Matthew’s new album of Broadway classics will be released on June 4.

Now it’s time for some results and first up tonight is Angie Miller. During a review of her performances from last night, mentor Jimmy Iovine says he thinks Angie was technically perfect last night, but she over sang and was overly dramatic. Nicki Minaj says Jimmy is crazy. Of course, after all this, Ryan sends Angie back to the couch and says he’ll get to her later.

Ryan drags Candice Glover up to the front of the stage next for a review of her performances on American Idol last night. Jimmy Iovine says Candice’s first song choice was too limiting for her but her second performance was outstanding. Randy Jackson says he tried like heck to get in touch with former judge Paula Abdul to watch Candice’s performance from last night, but he couldn’t reach her! It’s a prank though because Paula walks out on stage behind Candice to surprise her.

Candice looks like she might pass out when Paula tells her very emotionally that she’s a big fan. The judges give Paula a standing ovation and applaud her for being back on Idol. Nicki gives her a little bow and Randy shoves Paula into a chair to enjoy being at the table one more time. It’s cute and yet, incredibly awkward.

Back from another break, Ryan goes out into the crowd to point out some American Idol alums in the crowd, including former winner Jordin Sparks and her adorable boyfriend Jason DeRulo. He teases her about when there is going to be a wedding, since Jason recently said she’s been sending him pictures of rings, and then lets her off the hook while she blushes.

This is all a segway into an introduction of former American Idol winner Clay Aiken for his guest performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” tonight. Although we still think Clay looks like a red-haired version of k.d. lang, there is just something so endearing about him. Although he does make some very odd faces while he is singing...

Janelle Arthur is the next girl to come to the front of the stage and we have a review of her songs from last night. Jimmy Iovine thinks both of her songs were too weak and although Dolly Parton was the right diva for her, “Dumb Blond” was the wrong song. Dolly has penned a personal note for Janelle telling her “we know you’re not dumb, and we know you’re not a blond” either. She also compliments her on her singing, but we thought that was full of LOL.

We don’t hear anything yet about Janelle. Ryan brings up Amber Holcomb and we go through how much the judges absolutely adore her, but the voters really don’t seem to. Jimmy Iovine believes Amber was magnificent last night and believes she’ll be rewarded for her bravery in signing two really big songs. Mariah Carey says if there is something more than the Top 2, Amber would be in it for her.

Kree Harrison comes to the front and we go through another mini-review of her highlights from last night. Jimmy Iovine thinks Kree did not make the right song choices last night. The American Idol judges are not loving his negative commentary about their 'Kreedom' all that much. Ryan sends Kree back to the couch as well.

In an unexpected diversion, we visit with former American Idol finalist Latoya London, who says she is working on reviving her music career, going on tour and recording a new album. She seems a little put off about how other Season 3 ‘divas’ Fantasia Barrino and Jennifer Hudson have gone on to have huge careers, but her... not so much.

This leads into the next guest performance by Fantasia of her new single “Lose to Win”. We missed Fantasia, she is probably the most unique and interesting winner of American Idol and it’s good to see her working through her troubles and back out there making great music again.

Finally it’s time for results! The first person who is safe tonight is... Candice Glover!

The next lady selected to move forward to next week is... Angie Miller!

The third person going to safety on the weird metallic toilet stools is... OMG... Amber Holcomb! Defying all predictions, Kree Harrison has ended up in the bottom two! That is all kinds of wrong, y’all.

Over a nationwide vote, the person in jeopardy of going home tonight is, as most predicted, Janelle Arthur. She will now have to sing for her life and really hope the American Idol judges want to use their save tonight — since it is the last night they can use it.

After a nationwide vote, the person in jeopardy of going home tonight is, as most predicted, Janelle Arthur. She will now have to sing for her life and really hope the American Idol judges want to use their save tonight — since it is the last night they can use it.

After the song, Ryan goes to the judges for their decision. He asks Randy Jackson what they have decided. The decision is a split vote, two to two, which means the save will not be used because it has to be all four judges.

Janelle Arthur has been eliminated in the Top 5 American Idol 2013 results show.

04.19.2013 / 06:32 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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