American Idol Results: Who Was Eliminated on American Idol Tonight? 4/18/2013
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American Idol

American Idol Results: Who Was Eliminated on American Idol Tonight? 4/18/2013

Who went home on American Idol tonight? Well, the answer could be “no one” if judges Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Keith urban use their ‘Save’ at the last possible moment in the 2013 American Idol results show this evening. Can’t wait to find out? We have the spoilers for you on what happened Thursday night!

This is the last chance for the American Idol judges to use their precious ‘Save’ power to keep someone from going home. We could see that happening easily if Amber Holcomb happens to be the one who ends up with the lowest votes.

From week to week, Amber has given consistently impressive performances and the judges obviously adore her. However, she’s had a much harder time getting the voters on her side and has been in the bottom more than once. We could potentially see her being the one who was voted off American Idol tonight, but we’re absolutely positive the judges would not let her be sent home.

If, on the other hand, country singer Janelle Arthur ends up last on the totem pole, we’re not sure what will happen. The American Idol judges like her, but we don’t get the impression they really love her the way they do the rest of the Top 5 girls. If she ends up having to sing for her life in front of them, we think it is very possible the judges will refuse to use their ‘Save’ to rescue her.

On the other hand, the current American Idol schedule is kind of geared toward the judges using their power to save someone. Otherwise, there will be an extra week of competition that has to either be skipped or filled up with something else. So it just might be they will use it to save Janelle even if they don’t adore her, just to keep the drama going an extra week. Plus, if they keep the person who was voted off American Idol tonight from going home, next week they can rightfully claim they had absolutely no involvement in who was eliminated — leaving it entirely up to the voters.

So at the end of the night, who was eliminated on American Idol tonight in the Top 5 results show? Or will we have another Top 5 week ahead?

The bottom two were kind of a shock tonight as most predictions (including ours) pointed to Janelle and Amber. However, the voters apparently decided to give a boost to Amber tonight and, in a bit of a shocking turn, Kree Harrison ended up in the bottom two with Janelle Arthur.

After the final votes were counted, Janelle Arthur was the one with the least support and she was forced to sing for her life in hopes of landing the judges' save. Sadly for Janelle, they could not reach a unanimous decision to rescue her and she was eliminated.

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04.19.2013 / 05:23 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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