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American Idol

American Idol Spoilers: 2013 Winner May Release Album Within Weeks!

Will the American Idol 2013 winner even have time to enjoy their triumph? If rumors are true, whoever takes the crown is going to be so overwhelmed with duties, they may not even have a moment to enjoy winning.

With daily rehearsals starting at the crack of dawn, wardrobe fittings, and nonstop sessions with vocal coaches, the American Idol Season 12 finalists barely have a minute to breathe. Add to that the expectation in seasons past that the winner would produce an album within about six months to a year, and the pressure likely feels insurmountable. Now there’s an even more compelling twist according to (via The Idol Pad), the powers that be behind the American Idol 12 machine have already begun to prepare the top finalists for their album launches. Here's what The Idol Pad claims is the basic plan, according to their American Idol spoilers sources:

“Since the finals began, the contestants have been secretly writing/co-writing and recording original songs in preparation for their album on a nearly daily basis (should they win or still receive a recording contract). Sometime near the end of the season, original songs will be performed by the then-remaining finalists. It is expected that the winner’s coronation single will be a song that she had a hand in writing. Unlike ever before, the winner’s debut album will be released soon after the finale, rather than many months later, to better capitalize on the potential of the television exposure and winning momentum. The winner will support their album by performing their own songs on the summer tour.”

As points out, last season’s winner, Phillip Phillips, won the show in May and released his debut album in November. That’s already impressive, but this season’s top girl might be releasing her debut effort within mere weeks of taking being named the American Idol winner.

On the one hand, we love the idea of the originals being sung as the coronation song. This is especially true after watching Angie Miller’s unforgettable performance of her original song, “You Set Me Free,” during Hollywood Week. However, we can’t help but feel that this detracts from their time to hone their performances on the show each week. And while we understand the concept of striking while the iron is hot, it’s hard not to think that this big rush to produce something so quickly might lead to an album that might not be up to the standards of the winner.

What are your thoughts on this possible new and intriguing American Idol twist?

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