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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Peta Murgatroyd Thinks Sean Lowe Has a “Good Shot” at the Mirror Ball — Exclusive

Sean Lowe may not win Dancing With the Stars 2013, but he and his pro partner Peta Murgatroyd seem to be having a good time competing on Season 16.

Peta told Wetpaint Entertainment that she believes she and Sean have a “good shot” at winning the coveted Mirror Ball despite the fierce competition at OK magazine’s So Sexy party in Los Angeles on April 17. The DWTS pro also revealed how she and Sean like to pull pranks on the cast. (Watch out, Jacoby Jones!)

Wetpaint Entertainment: How is the season going?

Peta Murgatroyd: It's going great. Sean’s a pleasure to work with. We have a lot of fun together. And we had a high score last week so I was very proud of him.

Are you getting nervous as you guys are approaching the finals? Do you think you have a good chance?

I think we got a good shot. There's a lot of competition though so I'm knocking to say that we're going to be in the finals because I have no idea right now but we're creeping up every single week on the scoreboard, which is great. You can never tell. Anyway and then Zendaya and we have Kellie Pickler. We had Jacoby Jones and Aly and Mark so…

We heard that Andy Dick is kind of holding his own?

Yes. He's doing great. He's getting really high scores! And he just blows everybody out of the water every week with his entertainment factor.

What do you guys think is your biggest competition?

Zendaya and Val — definitely she is just the most incredible little girl. She is so humble and so down to earth. She just rocks it every Monday. She kills it!

Any fun behind-the-scenes story of working together on the show with Sean?

Sean and I like to play jokes on people all the time. Jacoby likes to do that too, but sometimes Sean and I will have a day where we say okay we want to make everyone in the room feel as awkward as possible so we will do all the things that we can possibly think about to make people feel awkward in our company. And we just laugh at them.

What are some of the things that you've done?

Just went dead silent on the microphone or said something really disgusting on the microphone or burped in the microphone. They're all laughing behind the cameras and we think it's hilarious!

What are you going to do to step up the game as you get closer into the competition?

You know more hours in the studio… More focused. You know he's incredibly dedicated and focused right now but it just has to be heightened. It goes to another level when you reach the semifinals and finals so that's what's it's going to take.

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