Dancing With the Stars 2013: Who Will Win Season 16? Gleb Savchenko Says…  — Exclusive
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Who Will Win Season 16? Gleb Savchenko Says… — Exclusive

Gleb Savchenko may have been eliminated from Dancing With the Stars 2013 after his celeb partner Lisa Vanderpump fell ill during Week 4 of the competition, but that doesn’t mean he’s not rooting for another Season 16 pair to take home the Mirror Ball.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the sexy DWTS pro at OK magazine’s So Sexy party in Los Angeles on April 17, and he revealed who he’s rooting for in the competition (hint: she’s a frontrunner!), why he felt Lisa could have gone farther, and dished on Lisa’s hilarious behind-the-scenes antics.

Wetpaint Entertainment: So you and Lisa are sadly not in the competition anymore. Who are you rooting for?

Gleb Savchenko: I’m rooting for Val and for Zendaya. I’m very close to Andy Dick. I think he’s doing such an amazing job – compared to Week 1. It’s like a totally different person so I’m rooting for them. They are such good friends of mine so I am rooting for all of them. They put on such a great show.

Which celebrity showed up that you thought might not be able to dance?

I tell you they are all not professional dancers so you never know until you really see the first show. But of course there are differences between Zendaya and Lisa Vanderpump because first was the age difference and Zenda is like half a professional in a different style and Lisa has never danced before so that was a bit challenging for us as well but we’re lucky to get through. Of course, Dorothy had an injury but I’m sure she would go far. And Wynonna, they were doing a good job and doing beautiful pieces almost like a Broadway show. It was entertaining.

Was Lisa a natural or did you have to give her a lot of tips?

She is a woman who has a beautiful body and even when she stands and maybe she does something, she looks like a dancer. I said, “When you stand and you don’t move, you’re like a professional dancer but when you move, that’s it.” I would say she’s a natural dancer. She could dance very well – and we could probably have gone further but she felt sick, so it wasn’t very good for her so we couldn’t push harder.

Lisa seems like a very feisty person. Do you have any fun stories of behind the scenes working with her?

The first time I met her, she said, “Oh my God! My underwear is older than you!” I was like, “Oh my God. Really OK? That’s too much information.” And when we were trying to do dips, she’s like, “Oh my God the last time I did that I got pregnant.” I was like, “I’m actually having my clothes on right now. It was fun.”

Did Ken come to the set with you guys?

Every single day! I was like, “Oh my God Ken, again? I can’t actually practice.” No I’m joking. He really supported and Giggy was in the studio every single day. It was such an awesome atmosphere and we had such a great time together. We laughed all the time; we worked hard – maybe too hard. She passed out during a rehearsal but anyway it was good.

Do you think Ken came to actually watch the dances or to actually keep his eye on you at the same time?

I think it’s both. He kind of walked in first and would check out what we were doing. If it was OK, he’d leave and make a cup of tea for Lisa and then come back again. “How is the choreography going? Is it too much close up kind of partnering going on?” It was like Ken, don’t worry about it. She’s safe.

Did he ever tell you to be careful with his woman or anything?

We had a few different tricks and flips and that kind of stuff but he told me, “Be careful. Do not hurt her shoulder” because her shoulder was hurting a little bit but everything besides that, he was fine – even though we were doing some sexy moves, he was like “OK. Let her have fun a little bit. Anyway, she is going to come back home.”

Dancing With the Stars airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. and Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.