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The Kardashians

Does Pregnant Kim Kardashian Still Love Kris Humphries?

As news breaks that estranged couple Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries may soon settle the issue of their divorce and avoid trial, the entertainment world is relieved that there may finally be some movement on this neverending battle.

But even with all the contentiousness and legal issues — and despite the fact that they are, you know, getting an actual divorce — Kim still has some kind of place in her heart for Kris.

According to TMZ, Kim is excited to see the man who will soon be her ex-spouse.

"Sources very close to Kim tell TMZ that Kim is actually looking forward to seeing him. She's saying she does indeed still love him as a person, acknowledging, 'We just didn't work as a couple.'"

Extra emphasis on the "didn't work" part.

Kim may still love Kris as a person, but even more, she probably is loving the fact that they're finally putting an end to this chapter in their lives — with a settlement in her favor and the divorce she wanted more than a year ago finally granted. After all, is there anything Kim loves more than getting what she wants?

Source: TMZ