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Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham Cries on Dr. Phil Show: “You’re Being Really Negative” (VIDEO)

Farrah Abraham is finally dishing up some answers about her highly-anticipated sex video in a brand-spankin' new interview with Dr. Phil, which goes down Friday, April 19 (check your local listings!).

From the looks of this recent sneak peek, Farrah's hang session with Dr. Phil doesn't exactly go well. In fact, he reduces her to tears while chatting about her DUI, which she was served with after driving drunk on St. Patrick's Day.

"I just think you're being really negative," Farrah mused while tears welled up in her eyes. "That's all I can say. And it's upsetting."

So, what made Farrah so upset? The concept that she deserved to be arrested for drunk driving.

"I wouldn't wanna hit someone, I wouldn't wanna kill someone. I wouldn't wanna put myself in this situation of driving my car like I had to, because I thought I had to go get my sister," she said. "So yeah, when you're saying 'Oh, Farrah, you were purposefully drinking and driving,' no. I wasn't purposefully. I wasn't trying."

Whether or not Farrah intended to drive under the influence is hardly relevant. The fact is she got behind the wheel after drinking, which is an arrestable offense. Then again, some may argue that Dr. Phil is being too harsh with this delicate flower.

Do you think Farrah is right to be so defensive, or does she deserve the third degree? Tell us below!

Source: Dr. Phil

04.19.2013 / 11:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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