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Glee Promo: In-Depth Analysis of Season 4, Episode 20: “Lights Out”

So much drama in store on next week’s Glee Season 4, Episode 20: "Lights Out"! We’ve seen the promo for the episode, and now we’re breaking it down — second by second, frame by frame — in search of clues about what we can expect. Here’s a look at what we’ve been able to uncover so far.

00:01 — “With Just Three Episodes Left”

It’s true. Glee is almost over for the year! After Episode 20, there’s only two more shows left. Season 4, Episode 21: "Wonder-ful" will be a tribute to Stevie Wonder, and the big Regionals trip in Episode 22: "All Or Nothing" will serve as the Season 4 finale.

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00:03 — “Get ready for something big!”

“Aaaah! Zombie apocalypse!” Really, Sam (Chord Overstreet)? The Mayan apocalypse didn’t come back at Christmas, and that huge asteroid/apocalypse scare last week turned out to be one big misunderstanding, too. No matter what’s happening now, we’re pretty certain it’s not turning into a Walking Dead situation.

Instead, McKinley High is simply experiencing a power outage. Nothing to see here. Let’s move on. (Except... sidenote: Nightbird is back!)

00:05 — “Okay, maybe not that big.”

Tina gets a huge red slushie to the face! How long has it been since somebody actually got slushied on this show? We’re starting to miss it. (Not that we’re volunteering for a face full of that strange mixture of artificial flavoring, ice, and death...)

00:09 — “Sue’s new job has her on the attack!”

Luckily, Sue (Jane Lynch) does not appear to have been written off the show for good. Instead, the former cheerleading coach has traded unemployment for a job teaching aerobics and fitness classes at what appears to be a local gym. (And is that a spandex-clad Blaine we spy there amongst her students?)

“Unless you’re in a puke puddle of your own egg whites, don’t even think of stopping!” Ah, now there’s the Sue we know and love. Don’t you dare leave us again, Sylvester. Ever.

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00:14 — “Sarah Jessica Parker is back”

And Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) back in the Vogue offices... wearing that familiar headset. Did he get his job at Vogue back? Even as an internship, that would be a pretty difficult gig to balance with all his classes.

“I need your help,” SJP’s Isabelle tells him. Intern or not, it sounds like Kurt is more than willing to help his fashion-land fairy godmother out when she needs it. Thanks to spoilers, we know that Isabelle has enlisted Kurt, Rachel (Lea Michele) and Santana (Naya Rivera) to help at a charity event.

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While there, the four of them will sing a brilliantly-costumed rendition of “At The Ballet” from A Chorus Line. Not only have we seen pictures of the number from on set, but we know that the song will also include flashbacks to everyone’s younger selves. How adorable are those little ballet dancers?

00:17 — “And someone is about to crack!”

We saw Blaine’s (Darren Criss) face during that conversation with Coach Roz (NeNe Leakes), and we know he suspects that Becky (Lauren Potter) knows more about Sue’s firing than she’s letting on.

And now he’s interrogating Becky. “Why did Sue Sylvester take the fall? Who is she protecting?” Sorry, Blaine. It sounds like Becky’s not going to tell you anything.

“Bite Me!

00:24 — It’s all new, and Glee will rock you!

The New Directions are singing Queen’s classic, “We Will Rock You.” Sounds like we’re in for quite a show!

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