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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Best Jackson and April Moments — Love at First Boards

Grey’s Anatomy is known for surprising us, and sometimes, that surprise can be as simple as a new couple especially when it’s one we never expected to have anything in common. We didn’t see it coming, but Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) have turned out to be one of our favorite new couples how did we ever miss the fact that these two are perfect for eachother?!

Here are some of our favorite Japril moments:

Love at first boards (Season 8 Episode 21: “Moment of Truth”): Jackson and April’s relationship kinda came out of left field, so we were pretty (pleasantly) surprised when we found them getting hot and heavy the night before their board exams! April’s virginity has been a long talked about (and joked about) topic on Grey’s, and although having sex with Jackson would later totally freak her out, we loved them together as they realized they had feelings for each other.

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Jackson turns down Tulane for April (Season 9, Episode 1, “Going, Going, Gone”): After the plane crash, everyone at the hospital is understandably shaken — even April and Jackson, who weren’t in the plane. Post-crash, Jackson is offered a fellowship at Tulane Medical Center, but turns it down to stay with April so he can be there for her. Of course, April isn’t as flattered by this as we were, but we love Jackson for being so dedicated.

April thinks she’s pregnant (Season 9, Episode 7: I Was Made for Loving You”): April has a close call when she thinks she might be pregnant after she and Jackson have sex. This initiates a full-blown, completely premature stress attack in true April Kepner fashion, but Jackson’s totally there for her. We absolutely loved how he offered her the life she always hoped for — the wedding, the kids, the white picket fence — even though it turned out she wasn’t actually pregnant.

Did we miss your favorite Japril moment? Let us know in the comments!

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