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Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen Celebrate 5 Year Anniversary, Trying For Kids

Jason Biggs, 34, is prepared to give awkward sex talks to his own kids. Or maybe not — no one is ever ready for that! — but the American Pie star told Us Weekly he and his wife, Angel actress Jenny Mollen, are trying to have a baby.

"We're right in that zone," Jason told Us Weekly. "That's our next step. We figure we've been married five years next week, so we figure now it's about that time. I'm ready!" They will celebrate their anniversary in Hawaii, and he told Us they're still learning so much about each other, in a good way.

Congrats to them on their anniversary, and good luck on the baby! Considering how many Hollywood celebs have gotten pregnant this year, we won't be surprised if this Hawaii trip leads to a big announcement.

Source: Us Weekly