Jason Mesnick Helped Molly Go Into Labor Doing WHAT?
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The Bachelor

Jason Mesnick Helped Molly Go Into Labor Doing WHAT?

The Bachelor Season 13's Molly and Jason Mesnick are swimming in a sea of dirty diapers, projectile vomit, and leaky boobs. In other words, they're the blissfully happy parents to Baby Riley Anne, who made her big debut on March 14, 2013. But apparently this bundle of joy's birth was somewhat of a surprise!

Molly unexpectedly went into labor two weeks before her due date, all because her hunky hubby gave her an innocent foot rub.

"I got a funny text message from a friend of mine who said that if I pinched an area between Molly’s ankle bone and her Achilles, it would put her into labor,” Jason tells People. “So as a joke I actually did this at about 10:30 at night — and about three and a half hours later, Molly went into labor. I don't know if it's a coincidence, or it it's real. If you're miserable and you're wanting to have your baby, give it a try!”

Um, remind us never to press our Achilles again. We'd hate to go into labor and end up on TLC's I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant.

Luckily, Baby Riley was healthy as a horse despite the fact that she was a few weeks premature, and now this happy family are comfortably settled into their Seattle area home with Jason's son, Ty. In fact, Baby Riley is basically living like a princess –– check out the fabulous nursery that Molly and Jason's Bachelor Nation bestie, Jillian Harris, designed for her. It's so chic!

Source: People