Liam Hemsworth “Isn’t Ready to Settle Down Yet” With Miley Cyrus: Report
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Liam Hemsworth “Isn’t Ready to Settle Down Yet” With Miley Cyrus: Report

According to a new report, it was Liam Hemsworth's idea to postpone the wedding he and Miley Cyrus were going to have this summer.

Yesterday People magazine echoed an earlier report that Miley and Liam pushed back their wedding. Now a source tells RadarOnline the Hunger Games star "just isn’t ready to settle down yet." (Which perhaps January Jones could've told us.) This source confirmed, "For the moment, the wedding has been postponed." Miley supposedly wanted to get marry within a year, but Liam is said to have wanted a longer engagement with a bit of freedom left in his life. The source added that Liam, 23, felt "a little trapped" and Miley, 20, was "devastated" to push back the plans, but she doesn't want to lose him so she accepted that she's going to have to wait.

There's nothing wrong with a very long engagement, but why get engaged at all if you're not ready to settle down? And despite the ball-and-chain cliché, it's not like marriage means a complete loss of freedom — unless they mean like open relationship freedom. Anyway, this is just another unnamed source's take on things, and we won't really get a feel for what's going on until Miley or Liam speaks out. Then again, his sister-in-law and her father both recently expressed hesitation and doubt about the engaged couple getting married at all.

Not only are Miley and Liam very young, they are both busy working on their respective music and film projects, which takes them away from each other for extended periods. It's not like having 9-5 jobs in the same region, like many "regular" couples, young or not. Things are only going to get more complicated for these two. Do you think they can still make it work?

Source: RadarOnline