Marisa Zanuck Finds the Drama on RHoBH “A Little Scary” — Exclusive!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Marisa Zanuck Finds the Drama on RHoBH “A Little Scary” — Exclusive!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Marisa Zanuck was nervous about all the drama among the ladies on the show going into Season 3, but she is ready and willing to sign on again for the next season. In an exclusive interview earlier this month, Marisa told Wetpaint she was “just getting my feet wet in season 3” and she hopes to “really jump in with the women and get dirty” in Season 4.

We had the chance to grab Marisa for another exclusive chat at OK! Magazine’s So Sexy party at the Mondrian in LA on April 17. She told us it was a lot of pressure diving into the drama between the ladies and it is a lot harder to be on the show than it seems from just watching it!

What was it like being on the season?

A lot of drama. It was a little scary. These women are all very strong and it was hard because I came in at a very hard time with the girls — there was a lot of drama that had already taken place when I came in so I kind of walked into a whole bunch of shit going on.

Do you feel like that took a lot of the pressure off of them picking on your?

Yeah it did. It did actually. But you know I wished I could have gotten more involved but a lot of this stuff happened to these women before I came on so it was like, “I’m not going to put my foot in and get involved.” And I didn’t know all of the women that well so it would have been awkward.

How much of the show did you watch before you went on?

A lot. I’m a Real Housewives fan so I watch all of the shows.

Did that help you kind of navigate their personalities?

You know what? I thought it would but it didn’t. It was hard being involved it as opposed to watching it. It’s two different ballgames.

Are you coming back next season?

I hope so. We’ll see. It’s all up in the air right now.

You’ll have to mentally prepare a little?

Yeah. Exactly.