Credit: Shaun Pazel    
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Real Housewives of New Jersey Stars Celebrate Little Town Opening! (PHOTOS)

Don’t you just love it when the Real Housewives of New Jersey get together to celebrate? Well, the occasion for sipping on some wine and eating good grub has arrived — RHoNJ star Caroline Manzo’s sons, Chris and Albie, opened their restaurant Little Town in Hoboken, N.J. on April 17!

We’ve been hearing about the auspicious occasion for days now, but we finally got an inside look at the event! It looks like the other H’wives weren’t in attendance (as they showed up for the exclusive pre-party last week), but that’s not to say that some celebs weren’t enjoying the evening.

Credit: Shaun Pazel    

Grammy award-winning artist John Legend and his model wife-to-be Christine Teigen were just a few of the stars that made it all the way out to Jersey to share in the Manzos’ success.

Last week, the family celebrated the 1-year anniversary of daughter Lauren Manzo’s beauty spot Cafface Beauty Bar.

As you can imagine mama Caroline and her hubby Al are so happy for their kids and we’re happy to see the “thick as thieves” family in their glee — especially since Season 5 of Real Housewives of New Jersey is set to shed light on some of their closeted drama.

Congrats, Manzos!

Source: Reality Tea