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Jersey Shore

Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie’s Spin-Off Wish List: 5 Things We Want to See

Sometimes it seems like everyone from the Jersey Shore cast has their own spin-off! So far, Snooki & JWOWW has been very successful with two seasons, Pauly had The Pauly D Project, and Vinny recently premiered The Show With Vinny. Plus, The Situation recently confirmed that he is indeed working on his own show, which is “coming soon”!

But one spin-off we would love to see is one of Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie! Despite all of their fighting on Jersey Shore, only 12 percent of fans from one our recent polls said they’d “had enough” of the couple, which means 88 percent of you will likely tune in for a spin-off!

Now that they’re back together and have settled down into domestic bliss, we’re dying to watch them interact as a healthy and happy couple. We got a glimpse of them together on the Snooki & JWOWW finale when Ronnie jokingly faked a proposal to Sammi, but there is so much more we’d love to see on their own spin-off if they get one.

Here’s our wish list of 5 things we’d want to see on a SamRon show:

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1. Practice Parenting Even though Snooki said she doesn’t think Sam will want to have kids until she’s about 30, it’s still adorable to watch Sam and Ron cuddle and play with Ron’s little sister, Gabby, and practice their parenting skills through babysitting. Ron is super cute when he’s with Gabby, turning from a Bronx tough guy to a big love bug! And with her sweet nature, we bet Sammi’s great with kids, too.

2. Act Goofy Together When they weren’t busy fighting, Sam and Ron had some truly adorable silly moments together. When Ron was wasted in Miami, Sammi found his crazy actions funny and joked around with him, giggling and cuddling with him on the couch soon after. And it was pretty adorable when Sam and Ron visited the zoo in Italy and were both shocked to learn that penguins were not mammals, remarking that they guess they should go back to school! When she talked exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment, Sammi revealed that “a lot of funny stuff goes on” living with Ron. We really do need more moments like that between them, because they are BFFs!

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3. Romantic Moments Remember when Sam and Ron reunited in Italy after an amazing romantic dinner overlooking the city at sunset? It was just too perfect, and Sammi said she got butterflies, as it was the happiest moment of her life. Although Ron put up a front of not being a romantic, we know that for Sammi he’d do anything to make her happy, as he got her a sweet gift for her birthday and even took her out to dinner. Sammi also told Wetpaint that Ronnie does make her lunch and dinner more than she ever thought he would, and definitely pitches in around the house.

4. Pursuing New Careers In her exclusive Wetpaint interview, Sammi told us that Ron is “getting into acting” and has been busy taking acting classes, while she is trying to get into television hosting and of course, working on branding new products. We love her fitness line and collection of iPhone cases, and it would be so cool to watch her at work and getting her creative on, something we’ve never actually seen Sammi do. Ron recently filmed an MTV promo with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx for the upcoming movie, Whitehouse Down, and he definitely had a lot of fun and laughs on set. Watching him try his hand at acting would be very cool.

5. A Proposal? We know, we’re probably just dreaming, but after watching JWOWW’s heartwarming engagement on TV, we can’t help but think of how awesome it would be to watch Ronnie propose to Sammi on their own show! After all that they’ve been through, they’ve stayed strong as a couple and worked through all of their issues, and while marriage may be very far in the future for them, how sweet would it be for Ronnie to officially declare his commitment and love to Sammi? Who knows what the future has in store!

If Ron and Sam got their own spin-off, what would YOU hope to see? Would you tune in for their show? Tell us below!

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