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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: What’s Up With Bonnie and Silas?

It wouldn’t be an episode of The Vampire Diaries if everyone simply sipped punch, danced to a few songs, and then went home after prom. Thus why we’re not expecting everything to go well in Season 4, Episode 19, “Pictures of You.”

Producer and writer Caroline Dries tells Fear Net that this is no typical high school prom. “We need to make it feel like a different version of the prom — the anti-prom, almost,” she says.

Bonnie (Kat Graham) especially will have some moments. Still grieving over Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), “She goes to prom in an attempt to let go of some of the darkness and enjoy high school but of course, that’s not going to be possible,” teases Caroline.

There is a kind of Carrie-esque feel that we wanted to explore with the Bonnie part.,” she adds.

Yikes. Let’s hope everyone makes it out of the gym alive this time! But that’s not the end of Bonnie’s confusion. In a new interview with Give Me My Remote, executive producer Julie Plec admits, “in trying to get her basic sense of magic back, she got sucked into an even worse predicament.”

Now she’s second-guessing herself. “All those threats that Shane made before he was Silas-Shane were real: expression magic can consume you; you can lose control over it; it is not good or evil, the magic itself, it’s what you make of it and where you are,” says Julie. “And with Silas in her head and wanting her to do that terrible thing by dropping the veil, she’s not in a good place and she doesn’t trust herself. And that lack of control starts to manifest itself in her magic as well.”

So, did Abby only know that one coven, or can we get some more witch backup in Mystic Falls?

Sources: Give Me My Remote, Fear Net

04.19.2013 / 02:36 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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