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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: 5 Reasons Why Bailey Shouldn’t Get Fired — in GIFs!

Grey’s Anatomy is notorious for killing off fan favorite characters or, at the very least, banishing them with little explanation, but we thought we were safe when Shonda Rhimes promised “no cast departures” in Season 9.

However, that doesn’t mean that everything will be fine and dandy for the Grey Sloan Memorial doctors; in fact, one is currently under fire, which could lead to her being fired in next week’s episode: Dr. Miranda Bailey.

Even though Bailey has changed a lot through the years, even becoming a bit soft and completely unlike her former “Nazi” persona, we love her and can’t imagine the hospital without her. While we understand that Chief Owen Hunt & Co. can’t turn a blind eye to her her patients’ mysterious post-op infections, she should at least have a fair trial (or something of the sort) before they send her packing.

While we don’t know her fate yet, we’re preemptively expressing our feelings about her being fired. Below are five reasons she shouldn’t be let go — in GIFs, natch.

Her mentoring:

 photo mentoring_zps99dff822.gif

Her speeches:

 photo advice_zps4eca3d4b.gif

Her zingers:

 photo zinger_zps54348ff1.gif

Her threats:

 photo threats_zps47d5365c.gif

Because we live our lives like this:

 photo whatwouldbaileydo_zps749ca129.gif

Bonus GIF, because this quote is everything:

 photo vajayjay_zpsbc71deb9.gif

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04.20.2013 / 07:30 PM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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