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Inspiring Mom Sews Superhero Capes For Disabled Children

Superheroes are everywhere. We’re totally serious! Even though there may not be anyone dressed in colorful lycra flying around with lasers showing from their eyes, the superheroes we’re talking about are those normal folks who take it upon themselves to use their skills to make the world a better place in their own little way. The New York Daily News says that one woman is using her superhero sewing powers to send mini capes to deserving disabled children.

Robyn Rosenberger has a knack for sewing and had made capes for her 1-year-old son with her Singer sewing machine just for fun, but then she heard about baby Brenna. Robyn came across a blog about Brenna that explained her rare skin disease that resulted in her need for eye surgery and a battle with an aggressive blood infection.

Robyn said, “I realized that while my son looked cute in a cape, Brenna needed a cape.”

Since the first cape was delivered, Robyn started TinySuperheroes, a blog dedicated to following her capes to their new superhero owners and recording their stories. In the first month, she created 80 capes, and since then, a total of more than 300 capes have been sent out to children throughout the United States.

“It’s amazing,” Robyn said of the news she’s received from several of her cape recipients. “I have one kid that won’t take it off. [Another] sent me a video of him dancing in his cape. Several of the kids sleep in them.”

Robyn says that her capes also help the parents of the children. “For them, it’s really simple — they know their kid is a superhero,” Robyn said. “But to hear it from a stranger, your kid is a superhero, that’s amazing.”

Following Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon, Zaarly, the San Francisco-based company that processes her orders, has announced that they are donating capes to every child hospitalized in Boston.

People can sponsor kids they know for $33 to make sure they receive their very own custom made superhero cape, but if you are aching for a child to sponsor yourself, Robyn also posts images of deserving children on her TinySuperheroes Facebook page.

People have been praising Robyn’s work on the page, some offering their sewing machines to help out, and other posts from grateful parents who are now in the presence of a mini superhero.

Amanda Ellis says,”My tiny superhero says thank you!! I can't begin to tell you how excited he was when his cape came in the mail today! I love what you are doing! Thank you again!”

Sources: New York Daily News

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04.20.2013 / 06:10 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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