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The Bachelorette

Jaclyn Swartz’s Traumatic Twitter Breakup with WHO?! “I’m In Mourning”

Like a moth to a flame, we just can't get enough of teen superstar Amanda Bynes. And, guys? Bachelor Pad 2's Jaclyn Swartz is right there with us.

Jaclyn and her hilarious self have been following Amanda's every move on Twitter, from the time she hoped Drake would "murder" her lady parts, to the time she asked President Obama to expunge her DUI, to the time she had a pantsless breakdown at the gym, to the time she got dermal piercings on her face.

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Usually, Jaclyn tweets supportive musings to Amanda like "pure gold in the form of a tweet," but lately this Bachelor Nation bombshell has caused Mandy to fly into a rage. In fact, Amanda blocked Jaclyn on Twitter. Weaves = snatched.

"OMG. AMANDA BYNES BLOCKED ME ON TWITTER," Jaclyn tweeted on April 15, adding "I feel like I'm in mourning."

We can only assume that Jaclyn accidentally retweeted an unflattering photo of Amanda (girlfriend is super particular about what makes the cut), which caused her to hit the block button while simultaneously combing her new blonde wig.

Either way, this is a sad day for all Mandalyn shippers.

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