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Kim Kardashian Is Divorced! Now, Will She And Kanye West Get Married?

Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child this summer! Adding to their excitement, of course, is some good news for Kim: her divorce from Kris Humphries is settled at long (long, long) last!

Obviously we’re thrilled for Kim, because we can’t imagine the stress of being still married to her ex while expecting a child was doing her pregnancy any favors. But this divorce puts another important issue on the table. Namely, will Kim and Kanye get married now that she’s legally split from Kris?

We could go either way on this one, but we’re kind of skeptical that these two would worry themselves with getting hitched while Kim is more than six months pregnant.

For one thing, we can’t imagine these two are the type to get married in a courthouse. Even if they just wanted to get legally married soon and save a big wedding for after the baby is born, there’s no way they could keep some industrious celeb reporter from digging up that little scoop.

Besides, if they decided to just have a small, private ceremony, Kris Jenner might just lose her mind! This is probably going to be a big sticking point between Kris, Kim and the very private Kanye, and they really don’t need to deal with that while also dealing with their new arrival.

And don’t forget, Kim’s big sis Kourtney has two kids with her boyfriend Scott Disick, and those two have no intention of getting married! Kim even admitted that she used to be a little judgy of her sister’s situation, but she seems to be relaxed about things now that she’s happily in a similar spot

Of course, there have been engagement rumors surrounding these two, practically from the moment they started dating. Kim has made it clear that she thinks she’ll marry Kanye one day, so we wouldn’t be shocked if these two got engaged in the not-so-distant future. But a wedding? We wouldn’t hold our breath. After all, they’ve got a lot on their plates at the moment—where’s the rush?