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Martha Stewart Banishes WHAT From Her Estate to Protect Her Grandkids?

Things aren't looking so rosy for Martha Stewart's prized roses.

In an attempt to protect her grandchildren from ouchies, Martha Stewart wrote on her blog that she is “digging up the many, many roses at my home in East Hampton.”

It seems the Green Thumb Goddess and her daughter Alexis, mom of Jude, 2, and Truman, 1, are concerned about the children running around the property and accidentally getting pricked by the roses’ thorns.

“Now that I have grandchildren running around, Alexis and I feel that having a yard full of thorny roses isn't very child friendly and I decided to dig up all the roses and replant them at my farm in Bedford,” Martha writes. “The East Hampton gardens will have a major redesign which, of course, I will share on this blog.”

While you may be thinking, “Oy. Rich people problems,” Martha goes on to explain herself — in all caps, no less.

“PLEASE DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND MY MOTIVES! The number one concern was the fact that I want some more lawn for the kids, but number two really involves the roses themselves. They are 22 years old, most of them, and many are reverting to the rootstock. Many have thinned gravely and are weakened.”

What do you think, moms? Do you have rose bushes at your house, or have you banished them from your yard?

Source: The Martha Stewart Blog

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04.20.2013 / 03:10 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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