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New Elimination Communication Trend Has Babies Going Diaperless: Would You Try This?

Diapers are expensive! Anyone who has kids knows they account for most of the baby budget. And almost every parent has a story that starts, one time, I went through 2, 5, 10 diapers during an explosion. Well, almost every parent. Certainly not those that implement elimination communication (E.C.).

The New York Times reports that E.C. is the method of reading a baby’s signs so you know when he or she has to go, which literally eliminates the need for diapers. Some parents start the process around 2 months, but others start at birth. Apparently, E.C. is all the rage amongst hipsters in New York City.

Just so we’re all on the same page, DiaperFreeBaby wants us to know that elimination communication is not potty training,with a strong emphasis on the not. Instead, the site suggests that it’s a natural communication process between a baby and its parents.

Here’s the problem — babies don’t come out talking. At least potty training toddlers can tell you when they have to go. Although E.C. fans claim to know when their kids have to eliminate by recognizing signs and sounds, we can’t help wonder what the ratio of hits to misses is? Are we depriving our children of a special bonding process because we don’t want pee pee on our rugs?

Adriane Stare, who started Caribou Baby, which hosts a diaper-free meet-up for moms in New York, feels accidents are worth it — as far as she’s concerned, she’d rather wash the floor than launder diapers.

However we’re still not convinced the mess is worth the hassle. For moms who don’t work and can be with their kids all day and night, sure, the process could be appealing. For one thing, moms who practice the theory say they do it because it makes them feel like they have a strong handle on their baby’s needs, which admittedly is sweet.

On the other hand, if you can’t be with your child 24/7, it seems like it would be much easier on everyone to toss dirty diapers in the trash or run a load of cloth diapers.

So you tell us: Have you tried elimination communication, or would you?

Source: New York Times, DiaperFreeBaby

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04.20.2013 / 01:06 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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