Reality TV Host Sued For Fraud!
Credit: FOX    
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The X Factor

Reality TV Host Sued For Fraud!

You guys, Mario Lopez is being sued. No, not because he recently streaked through a mall, blinding several thousand innocent townies while doing so. And not because he decorated his Christmas tree wearing nothing but a pair of red panties (though we expect Santa Claus to file a complaint any day now). Instead, this X Factor host is being sued by Robert "Bobby" Capone, a Philadelphia resident who claims Mario reneged on a hosting event.

Reality TV Host Sued For Fraud!
Credit: Brian Dowling/FOX    

According to E! News, Bobby is peeved because Mario didn't show up to a concert at the Roxy/and or Penn's Landing Caterers in Philadelphia on Oct. 27, 2012, where he would have been paid a fee of $15,000 ($8,000 of which was given in advance).

Mario was a no-show because of "new commitments" (another chance to streak, probs), and now Bobby wants his cash back. Not only is Mario being sued for consumer fraud, bad faith dealing, fraud in the inducement and breach of contract, Bobby wants $50,000 in damages — though he claims he only lost $5,000 thanks to Mario's last-minute cancellation.

No word yet from Mario's camp, but we're confused. Can't this host with the mosts just flash his dimples at Bobby? That has to be worth at least $50,000.

Source: E! News