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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe on Catherine Giudici Wedding: It’s on Hold Until…

Guys, Sean Lowe is really tired. Like, exhausted. The poor dude just really needs a vacation.

The Texas cutie with abs of steel moved to Los Angeles to rehearse for Dancing With The Stars almost immediately after his whirlwind press trip for The Bachelor 2013 had ended. Between rehearsals and live shows, DWTS is full-time commitment. It’s been one reality show after another, and all Sean really wants now is a break from it all.

Credit: Sean Lowe on Instagram    

Sean spoke with Parade about the craziness that is his day-to-day life. “It’s been an absolute whirlwind. My life’s done a complete 180 in the past year,” he says. “But I’m still the same guy I’ve always been. I still have the same values and standards, and I know what’s most important to me. I know all of this that’s going on around me right now is not going to last forever, so I’m just enjoying the moment while I can. I’ll be back to my normal life eventually.”

But for Sean, his normal life will forever include spending time with his Bachelor 2013 fiancee, Catherine Giudici. And though rumors are flying that the couple hopes to tie the knot this summer, Sean says that the couple won’t even start planning their big day until after DWTS is over — and after they’ve been able to get a bit of R&R.

“I’m most looking forward to taking a vacation because I really need one!” he says. “It’s been nonstop for a long time now, so I think that’s going to be first on our agenda. Just take a week and go relax somewhere. And then after that, we can sit down and we’ll start planning the wedding.”

Sean and Catherine’s wedding is still on, it just might not happen as soon as some people might have hoped.

Source: Parade