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American Idol

Janelle Arthur Had “Time of My Life” on American Idol 2013 — Interview

In talking to Janelle Arthur during her American Idol 2013 elimination interview, we solidified one thing you’ve likely all been wondering — yes, she really is that sweet.

The adorable country girl had nothing but great things to say about her time on the show. As for what surprised her most, she echoed most of what the others have said. She had no idea how busy she’d be, saying that, once it got down to the Top Ten, she didn’t have a free minute. Ever the optimist, however, she said, “Even when I was exhausted, it was about having the time of my life.”

One thing that did surprise us, however, was her view on the American Idol judges. While she said she really loved them and didn’t find them to be intimidating, there was one she seemed to enjoy the most, and that’s Mariah Carey. We thought the “little marshmallow” might say Nicki Minaj, as the rapper seemed to be the most fiercely in her corner during most shows. But she said Mariah was “so sweet” and that, when she left the show, the pop diva made sure to tell Janelle that she doesn’t have a single worry about her, as she will have a long career in music (we just assume she ended that with, “Ok, dahling?”).

When asked if she knew which two judges had voted to save her, she said Keith Urban claimed that it was Keith and Mariah. She did make sure to say, however, that Randy Jackson came up to her afterwards and said that he’s been rooting for her since moment one, so she admitted she’s not quite sure what the straight story is.

In many interviews with the fallen hopefuls, people want to know whether these folks have regrets about song choices. But Janelle seemed to be very pleased with her decisions, even when asked about singing the lesser known “Dumb Blond” by Dolly Parton. The Zumba instructor-turned-country singer said she was just glad to bring her ideas to life. As opposed to the American Idol judges, Janelle said she thinks it’s not about song choices. As she put it, “I believe it’s not about the songs you choose. It’s about what you do with the song.”Candice Glover would surely have to agree, especially after what she did with Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” this past week. Coincidentally, it was Janelle who suggested that song for her!

When it comes to what’s next, Janelle said she plans on taking advantage of the Nashville connections she has made, and she’s going to begin songwriting as soon as possible. When it comes to her debut album, her vision is what one might expect. As Janelle says, she wants to do a more traditional, roots country music album. She said that most girls these days are doing the “pop country” thing, and she’d like to go more old school while, at the same time, trying to keep it “radio-worthy.” Janelle said she’s open to just about anything, and would even love to act. As she said, “I just love to entertain!” Perhaps there’s a Glee role in her future? We can see it now!

As much as we were hoping to dig up some backstage drama between the remaining girls, Janelle gave us the same story as the other eliminated contestants — that it’s just one big love fest around there! Janelle said she loved living with her fellow hopefuls, especially her roommate, Amber Holcomb. She called all the girls “such good friends,” saying “America can’t go wrong” when it comes to choosing a winner. We couldn’t agree more!

What did you think about Janelle being voted off this week?

04.21.2013 / 09:31 PM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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