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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Speculation: What If Klaus Took the Cure?

The denizens of Mystic Falls have been on several hunts since Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries, but the hunt for the cure for vampirism has had everyone on the edge of their seat. It’s also had all its hunters looking over one shoulder and questioning each other’s motives. With something as invaluable as the cure on the table, and only one dose available, it begs the question, who wants to take it the most?

Right now it’s looking like a toss-up between Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Silas. Rebekah’s motives seem to be more genuine. She wants the cure to become human and live a normal life, complete with a husband and kids. It’s enough to make you sob into the special pillow you reserve solely for sobbing.

Silas’s reason is also kind of warm and fuzzy — he wants to spend eternity with the woman he loves. His methods, however, are less pure. If entering into death’s grip means opening up a gate between this world and the afterlife, releasing all the creatures therein, maybe his quest for rest is totally selfish.

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) want the cure, too. As with most things they do, it’s all for Elena (Nina Dobrev). But if Elena is finally standing up for herself and doesn’t want to take the cure, it would almost be cruel and unusual of them to force it down her throat. Plus, emotion-free Elena is so much fun to see romping around Mystic Falls and generally causing mayhem.

When Rebekah and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) brought the cure back home to Klaus (Joseph Morgan), it begged an interesting question: Would Klaus ever take the cure himself? it’s easy to say no. After all, we know he’s working in collusion with Silas, his ultimate aim being to help out this ancient witch and save himself from the ancient’s torment. But since when has Klaus ever allowed anyone, let alone a witch, to boss him around and threaten him the way Silas has? Could it be that Klaus wants the cure for himself?

Klaus has always talked a big game about hating humanity, but he’s also revealed a soft underbelly. Namely, his feelings for Caroline (Candice Accola), his passion for art, and his love, however perverse, for the members of his family. While he shames Rebekah for her deserve for love, could it be that something in her plaintive cries appealed to him?

It’s unlikely, since Klaus is so much defined by his power. It’s almost impossible to picture him without his hybrid status. If he did take the cure, he’d merely be a werewolf. Every month, he’d have to change into a werewolf — something we haven’t seen from him yet. He’d no longer be invulnerable and immortal.

In other words, he wouldn’t be himself! Maybe it’d earn him some sympathy points from Caroline, though...

04.21.2013 / 06:30 PM EDT by Rebecca Stokes
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