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Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape: The Truth Behind Leaked Limo Scene — Exclusive

Remember that sneak peek we showed you last week of Farrah Abraham's sex tape-slash-porn flick where the Teen Mom star whines incessantly at James Deen to open a can of Coke? TMZ initially posted the scene, which takes place in the backseat of a limo, reporting that it's just a snippet of what we can expect when the film hits computer screens (and breaks our collective hearts).

Wetpaint Entertainment recently uncovered some interesting information, however, that reveals that Miss Abraham specifically requested the scene be cut! According to a source close to production, the limo scene is the only scene Farrah wasn't happy with because it "made her look bad" and surprise surprise — it's the only scene that's public.

"It's kinda messed up," our source said about the footage making its way to TMZ. "But that's the thing when you sign a release, you lose creative control and it belongs to somebody else and they can do whatever they want." Farrah, on the other hand, maintains that she has sole control of what ultimately happens to the film, saying she's "looking into the option of releasing it."

In the scene in question, Farrah's co-star, professional porn star James Deen, seems to be laughing at and belittling the 21-year-old. But when we caught up with James in Atlantic City on April 21, he assured us that wasn't the case. "It was not my intention to be an asshole" he said. "The reason I was laughing and calling her a brat, is that the direction I was given was that we had a personal relationship and it was my attempt to be flirtatious. And if it came off any other way, that was not my intention."

Credit: James Deen Press    

James also says the scene went a little haywire and he was laughing at some very obvious blips in production. "There was an original plan for how the director wanted to go and we went off track," he revealed. "We did like three or four takes," adding that at one point the director handed her a can of soda, which made the story seem a little ridiculous. And even more comical, according to James, was Farrah's continued request that he grab her a beverage. "I told her repeatedly I was holding a camera and couldn't do it," he dished.

Ultimately, though, James has no hard feelings about Farrah — despite the fact she's currently on an anti-James Deen crusade — and wishes people would stop making him look like a jerk. "I have no desire to be mean to Farrah. I think she's a very nice girl. I've honored requests [to not divulge any specifics about the film], so why is everyone so hellbent on making me look like a bad guy?"

As for the infamous limo scene, did it make the final cut? That remains to be seen. As far as we know, it was originally intended as part of a larger story arc in which Farrah and James head to a party, and one thing leads to another. But in the end, it seems the 2-hour movie (yes, 2 hours of Farrah in all her glory) will most likely be a series of random selfie scenes slapped together with some fancy editing.

"I haven't seen it," James admitted, "but I know what we shot and it got really cool. And she was amazing."

Lindsay Dreyer is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @LindsayNYC.

04.22.2013 / 09:30 PM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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