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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 2: Did Tamara Free Captain Hook? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Before you read on, know that there are spoilers from Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 19: "Lacey" ahead. As always, read spoilers at your own risk, and for more on Wetpaint Entertainment's philosophy on spoilers, click here.

Ready? OK.

Tamara did, in fact, free Captain Hook, and brought him back to Storybrooke to wreak havoc at the end of Episode 19. In fact, she brought the whole storage unit with her and unveiled him like a magic trick to her cohort Greg Mendell. We have to wait until Episode 20 (airing April 28) to find out what Hook does, but from the looks of the promo, he's teaming up with Regina, which is never good news.

ORIGINAL STORY: When it comes to foolproof plans, locking up Captain Hook in a storage unit probably doesn’t top any lists, but Neal Cassady thought it was the perfect plan. While his Once Upon a Time cohorts — including Emma and Rumplestiltskin — didn’t question him, the joke was on him when Hook “escaped.”

Though no one seemed too concerned about the havoc he could wreak, we are! After he stabbed Mr. Gold in Episode 14, “Manhattan,” Rumplestiltskin's near-death caused Snow White to turn dark when she tricked Regina into killing her own mother, Cora. And if that insanity just happened by proxy, we can’t imagine what will happen if he returns to Storybrooke — which is visible now, by the way.

However, we’re not only concerned about Captain Hook being out and about. First and foremost, we worry about how he “escaped.” Frankly, now that we know about Tamara’s evil agenda, we have a feeling that she let him out, likely to team up with him and take all of the magic from Storybrooke.

If we want to give Tamara the benefit of the doubt, though, we could say that Hook was just crafty and escaped. Maybe he’s touring the Empire State Building right now? Or perhaps he wanted to check out the Intrepid? We know he has a thing for boats.

Where do you think Hook is? Do you think that Tamara freed him? Sound off below.

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