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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart Says Kordell “Loves Her to the Core” on RHOA Season 5 Reunion

It must have been a rough night for Porsha Stewart, watching herself during Part 3 of the Season 5 reunion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Filmed just a week before her husband Kordell surprised her with divorce papers, Porsha defended her MIA hubby all night.

When all the guys took the stage except Kordell, Porsha explained that he had to work, so she would be representing both of them. Andy Cohen started by asking her if Kordell was pleased with the way the show portrayed him.

"I feel like we're a brand new couple and what we showed was real, it was what we were really going through at the time, and he felt comfortable with it," Porsha claimed.

It was later in the night that we started feeling really bad for Porsha. When Andy asked her about the current status of their marriage, Porsha planted a big smile on her face and answered, "We're doing great ... we are so passionate about making our family work."

As the conversation turned to the Vegas strip club incident and how the rest of the women felt that Kordell was controlling his wife, Porsha began to get emotional.

"My husband loves me to the core," she said, before getting teary and adding, "I'm not perfect, Kordell is not perfect by far, but he's my husband, I married him, and we took an oath in front of everyone and to me, I'm gonna represent that to the world to the fullest."

It's too bad Kordell wasn't committed to their marriage even half as much as Porsha. Although, someone as devoted as Porsha definitely deserves better!

Do you think Porsha is better off without Kordell?