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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers: Alliance Between Mona and the Liars

We’re pretty darn excited about the potential Toby/Caleb bromance, but the Season 4 dynamic we may be most looking forward to is the one between Mona and the Liars (possible band name?). What did Pretty Little Liars producer/writer Oliver Goldstick have to tell TV Line about our “vicious little dumpling” and what her relationship with the Liars will be in Season 4? Read on to find out...

“It is very cool to come into Season 4 with five PLLs, and that’s what we’re doing — which is what it was when Allison was still ‘alive,’” dished Oliver. “We come into Season 4 exploring what it means when you get an adjunct PLL, which is now Mona, their former tormentor. You want to keep her close, because God knows she has more insight than anybody into who’s been doing this to them.”

We’re guessing the “keeping Mona close” part is going to be a particular struggle for Spencer, whose fury towards Mona reached such heights last season that she literally tackled her to the ground. If you ask us, the scenario is rife with comedic potential, but can the Liars really trust Mona?

“I always think of it as a spectrum,” said Oliver. “Hanna may trust her most, only because they shared a year of close friendship, but Spencer sees her as an attention whore who she’d never trust.”

Sounds about right. While the Spencer/Mona “playing nice” dynamic could be funny, the Hanna/Mona relationship post-Season 2 has been one of the most heartbreaking on the show. While the other Liars were tormented by Mona, Hanna was betrayed by her. Mona was her best friend, someone she loved, and watching Hanna trying to meld the identities of the original “A” with Best Friend Mona has been endlessly fascinating and tragic. We hope we get to see plenty of Hanna/Mona scenes in Season 4.

We also wonder how long can this tentative truce between the Liars and Mona last? Can Mona really stay “good” for long? Oliver says:

“Mona may have a three-hour time limit on being good, but you’ve got to take advantage of those three hours! [Laughs] Because of what happens in the trunk, they might need to have her around.”

Are you looking forward to seeing Mona as a Liar in Season 4? Do you think the Liars can trust her? And how long can their alliance possibly last? Let us know your theories in the comments below!

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