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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers: Was Red Coat Wearing an Ali Mask?

The Red Coat Reveal on the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 finale left a bit to be desired: namely, the “reveal” part. Was that Alison Dilaurentis who expertly piloted her plane into Rosewood just in time to save her girls from death by fire? Or was it, as Mona suggested, just someone wearing a rather impressive Ali mask? PLL producer/writer Oliver Goldstick talked to TV Line about masks and the timeliness of the Red Coat Reveal:

“We’ve also introduced masks, as you know,” said Oliver to the vagueness of the Red Coat Reveal, making us think there might be something to this mask theory. “There was an Alison mask that we saw last week.”

The Ali mask he is referring to in Season 3, Episode 23: “I’m Your Puppet” was found on the John Doe in the Rosewood Hospital morgue by Emily and Hanna. It isn’t the first time the mask has made an appearance. It was also seen in Season 3, Episode 13: “This Is A Dark Ride” when a mysterious someone dons it on the Halloween train. Mona also mentions that Red Coat wore the Ali mask to visit her in Radley.

Oliver also had this to say about the reason for the Red Coat Reveal: “For us, we felt like the girls had to catch up with an audience that strongly suspects that Alison is pulling the strings and is alive. We felt that it was time our girls were on the same page as viewers.”

That dog-eared page would be: The Page of Utter Confusion. Welcome, Liars. Basically, Red Coat could totally be wearing an Ali mask, but maybe not. Red Coat could be Ali’s twin, but probably not. Are the PLL Powers That Be just trying to throw us off their tracks? Maybe the new mask-making character, Hector Prime, can provide some insight. We sure hope so. We’ve been on this page a long time.

Do you think Red Coat was wearing an Ali mask If so, whose face could be under it?

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