Pretty Little Liars Star Sasha Pieterse Dishes on Season 4: “Questions Will Be Answered” — Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Star Sasha Pieterse Dishes on Season 4: “Questions Will Be Answered” — Exclusive

It’s a truth universally acknowledged among all Pretty Little Liars fans that when someone says “questions will be answered,” that usually means it takes all season to get (maybe) one answer — but Sasha Pieterse (Ali DiLaurentis) says Season 4 is jam-packed with answers.

“All of the questions fans have will be answered,” Sasha told Wetpaint Entertainment at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her new comedy G.B.F. She also added, “Usually, they keep us in the dark on where the season is headed — which sucks! — but we’ve been told a lot. And we’re all very excited.”

Sounds promising, right, Pretty Little Liars fans? For more intel on Season 4, how much Sasha adores her castmates and her new film, read our full interview below!

Wetpaint Entertainment: We’re so excited about G.B.F.! The trailer definitely has a Mean Girls vibe.

Sasha Pieterse: There’s so many inspirations for this movie. There’s so many teen comedies that have made this possible. We’ve taken influences from Mean Girls, and we’ve taken stuff from Jawbreaker, which Darren [Stein] did, and Clueless. But at the same time, we’ve made it our own because there’s such a heartwarming message in this film. And of course you have all the outrageous and fun things that are going on — the shoes, the hair, the clothes!

The slow mo walks down the hallway!

Yes! The slow mo walks! Might I add, a girl will never be able to do a slow mo walk quite like this. We only get to do it in our dreams, so the fact that Xosha [Roquemore], Andrea [Bowen] and I got to do it is amazing. I think that was our favorite part of the shoot. We couldn’t wait until that day. [Laughs] It was just a special experience.

Your character Fawcett is very reminiscent of Ali DiLaurentis. She’s the Queen of Mean...

She is definitely the Queen of Mean! I think what’s so cool about the difference is that, obviously, Fawcett isn’t as evil.

Of course — there’s not as many secrets in her closet.

Exactly! It’s different, but their underlying shell is very similar. It’s nice to see Fawcett’s softer side. You get to see what makes her tick and realize there’s more underneath that false exterior.

We’re going to be seeing more of you in Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. What can you tell us about that?

Yes you are! I am so excited! We’re only filming our fourth episode right now, and we already got picked up for our fifth season. It’s been so much fun because there’s so much juicy stuff going on. I know we always say stuff like this, but you will actually get most of your questions answered this season. It’s crazy. All of the questions fans have will be answered.

In the first four episodes?

Not quite in the first four [Laughs], but this season is amazing. Everything we have in store for you is crazy. Usually, they keep us in the dark on where the season is headed — which sucks! — but we’ve been told a lot. And we’re all very excited. Even though we can’t tell you very much, you guys are going to absolutely adore it.

We recently spoke to Shay [Mitchell], and she told us she’s really excited that you’re back on set more frequently. Do you feel the same way working with the girls?

Of course! I love being on my show. I love playing Alison. It’s such a treat because every scene is different and juicy. As an actress, I get to sink my teeth into her and try to figure her out. It’s not always easy! She’s a very complicated character. But working with the cast has also been amazing. I think that’s what is so great about. We’re all such a cool, close family, and you don’t normally find that — especially on a set with a lot of girls! Let’s face it, women can be catty, especially in this business, but we found such a cool group. We all adore each other.

What do you think PLL fans? Are you excited for Season 4? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, June 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.