American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Shocking New Twist On Judges Save!
Credit: Michael Yarish/ FOX    
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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Shocking New Twist On Judges Save!

Last week, a gasp seemed to be heard nationwide as the American Idol judges passed on saving Janelle Arthur.

According to the rules of seasons past, the last time the judges could use their save was the Top 5, which is why it was all the more shocking they didn’t save the season 12 country sweetheart. It was Janelle, herself, that revealed the shocking last-minute twist by the producers during her exit interview.

“We thought the week of Lazaro (Arbos’ elimination) was the last week to use it, said Nicki Minaj’s “little marshmallow”. “Then they told us they had to use it before the end of the year, but they didn’t really tell us when the cutoff was.”

As American Idol Net points out, the American Idol Judges Save has to be used to make the schedule work for the finale date of May 15. Or else there has to be some kind of weird filler week to stretch out the season before the American Idol finale. So what gives? Of course, the really intriguing possibility would be them putting it off in order to create the first-ever 3-way finale. Now that would surely give a boost to their steadily declining ratings!

We actually love the idea of the 3-way finale but, at the same time, we don’t like the thought that the Idol producers are pulling the strings the entire time when the idea is for America to pick its winner. Ultimately, however, it is up to us to decide.

In the end, who would you like to see them use the save on? If Kree Harrison were to be eliminated this week, we could definitely see them using it, and we would hope they would!

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