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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart Divorce: Porsha Says Her Co-Stars Have Been “99%” Supportive

The stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta may know how to sling insults like the best of them, but when the going gets tough, these girls rally around each other like it’s nobody’s business. Case in point; Porsha Stewart’s divorce from Kordell.

All of the H’wives offered words of encouragement to Porsha following the surprise split, and even Kenya Moore put in her two cents, saying that she was sorry to hear Porsha was going through a difficult time.

So when a Watch What Happens Live caller phoned in on April 21 to ask if Porsha felt supported by the women when they called Kordell controlling in Vegas, she admitted that in retrospect she views their behavior a bit differently now, although she wouldn’t change how she acted.

“I do stand strong on what I said at the time. Whether I was married to Kordell or married to Simon, I would behave exactly the same way because that’s the way I feel a wife should behave. As far as the support, I did feel at that moment for the strip club it was not genuine, but in general these women have been 100% — well, 99% — supportive of me.”

We’re guessing P deducted a percentage point for Kenya, but watch the clip below and decide for yourself!