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Revenge Show Creator Mike Kelley Leaves: What Does This Mean For the Show’s Future?

Labrador puppies are weeping all over the Hamptons with the news that Revenge mastermind Mike Kelley is departing the show after the Season 2 finale. From the moment Emily Thorne first stepped foot on the sandy shores near Grayson Manor, Mike has been there, developing the characters we love and weaving the storylines we eat up each week.

As Joss Whedon was to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Andrew Marlowe is to Castle, Mike Kelley is the guiding light behind Revenge.

He is responsible for the red Sharpie X’s and the double infinity signs, not to mention the greatness that is Nolan Ross. So where will the show go now that the man behind the cocktail parties and mixed martial arts will no longer be at the helm of the ship?

Revenge hasn’t been renewed for Season 3 yet, but early predictions indicate that we’ll have at least one more season of the shoreside drama. Though we respect and certainly appreciate Mike introducing us to the Hamptons and Emily Thorne, Season 2 of the show has had its rough patches.

The circumstances behind Mike’s exit are still unknown, but he could have faced pressure from the network after Season 2 underperformed and lost lots of viewer interest. So bringing in current executive producer Sunil Nayar to run the show might not be the worst idea.

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The start of the sophomore season veered off from Revenge’s red Sharpie past and went into storylines that became too complex to hold the audience’s attention. Though the second half of the season has definitely improved, the constant hiatuses and unnecessary side plots (we’re looking at you Jack Porter) continue to alienate a once-loyal fan base.

Hopefully Sunil will capitalize on fan interest and pick up on the plots that really capture viewers’ attention. For example, Mike has always been opposed to a Nolan/Emily relationship, calling it a sibling relationship over a romantic one. But when the two shared a tearful embrace in Episode 18, “Masquerade,” fans went nuts for their undeniable chemistry.

But fantasies aside, Mike’s loss will definitely be noticeable. He recently spoke with ET Online about his plans for Season 3, in which he originally planned to answer the question of Victoria Grayson’s firstborn son and bring the show back to the Hamptons world of wealth and cocktail parties.

With someone else running things, the show could get even more off track in an attempt to approach the storyline from new angles. This season’s low viewership has shown us that fans are not interested in some of the extraneous side stories and want to focus on Emily vs. Victoria and Emily’s deep connection to Nolan.

Hopefully the writers and new show runner will keep that in mind moving forward.

Do you think the loss of Mike Kelley is something that the show can recover from? Tell us below!

04.23.2013 / 08:24 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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