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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Preview: Jason Totally Hates All Vampires, Again (VIDEO)

Warning: Possible Spoilers Below!

Looks like things are going to get intense with the Stackhouse family! In a Waiting Sucks sneak peek posted by HBO today, Jason Stackhouse points a gun to Nora Gainesborough’s heart and demands to know where Warlow is — which means that Jason's hunt for M. Warlow, the vampire that killed his and Sookie Stackhouse’s parents, is fueling his on-again, off-again vampire hatred in Season 6.

Sookie, of course, intervenes, Nora being Eric Northman’s sister and all, which stakes a pretty dire rivalry between the Stackhouse sibs for Season 6.

Jason expresses frustration to Nora (the wooden-bullet-loaded-gun-toting kind) over vampires “mind-raping” him “against his will” in the clip before Sookie steps in, implying that maybe Jason was sick of being glamoured a few too many times — he certainly got enough of that from Steve Newlin in Season 5!

This is especially interesting given Jason’s sexual tension with vampire Jessica Hamby, but given their last interaction where he rejected her because she’s a vampire, we can certainly speculate that this clip answers any question of that couple. Plus, Jason’s former, anti-vampire lover Sarah Newlin returning to Bon Temps — this could get crazy!

It seems like Jason’s hatred for vampires has reached critical mass! This could be even more dangerous when paired with Sarah, who is pretty turned on by Jason-on-vampire violence.

His hatred for vampires is becoming really personal. Remember that hallucination that Jason had of his parents in the season 5 finale? The reason he rejected Jessica? Yeah, it’s getting serious.

04.23.2013 / 12:44 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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