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Game of Thrones

Who Is the Cutest Fictional Child on TV? (POLL)

Obviously, all these kids are super adorable in their own way, and they all win. But vote anyway, because it’s fun!

Depending on what kinds of shows you watch, a little kid can be the bright spot in an otherwise dark and drama-ridden series (Henry Bass in Gossip Girl), or the child can be the crux of all the drama before they’re even born (Holly White on Breaking Bad). Similarly, a kid can provide some punchlines in a sitcom ensemble (Lily Tucker-Pritchett on Modern Family) or the entire situation of the comedy (Hope Chance on Raising Hope).

In the case of Henry Mills in Once Upon a Time, he’s a focal point of the series and reminds us of our own childhood wonder and angst. Or, in a more true-to-life drama like Grey’s Anatomy, Zola Grey Shepherd’s arrival feels like the start of a close friend’s family.

Whatever their role on a show, they’re all really cute, and we wanted to celebrate that cuteness with a poll! Who is your favorite fictional child (or baby!) of the small screen?

They're ALL too cute!

You forgot the cutest baby of all!