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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Andy Dick Dishes on New ABC Pilot — Exclusive

Andy Dick might be the most dedicated contestant on Dancing With the Stars 2013, and it looks like all of his hard work has finally paid off — even if it doesn’t result in the title of Season 16 Mirror Ball champion.

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Andy at the Week 6 after party at Mixology 101 in Los Angeles on April 22, the comedian gave us some exclusive scoop on his post-DWTS plans, which just so happen to include a role on an upcoming ABC pilot starring Adam Goldberg! Yes, it’s true DWTS fans — it looks like Andy won’t be leaving our TV screens anytime soon.

“I play Adam’s boss,” Andy told us. “He’s this snippy, little bitchy, sensitive and frantic boss. They should really be my boss, but I’m the one bossing them around, which is always fun.”

In fact, if Andy and his pro partner Sharna Burgess make it past Tuesday night’s elimination, he’ll be facing his toughest week of the competition yet because he’ll be shooting the pilot and learning choreography. Sounds tough, Andy, but if anyone can do it, you can.

For more on Andy’s ABC pilot and how DWTS has helped him with his sobriety, read on for our full interview with the Season 16 contestant.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Say this all ended tomorrow. What would your biggest takeaway be?

Andy Dick: If this all ended tomorrow, I’d be like, “Oh my god. I can’t believe I made it this far.” Honestly, I would have been happy if we were eliminated three dances ago. The dance with my daughter was my most favorite dance and the biggest gift that I could have given her and to myself — and to us as a father-daughter relationship. Sharna came up with that, by the way. I worried that it was going to be too sentimental, but it was so beautiful. It reached so many people, not just Carrie Ann [Inaba] who cried, but so many people loved it. My second favorite dance was tonight's Samba. We had the most fun. I can’t believe how loose I am now — maybe a little too loose! Because we got 18, all sixes, which really low.

But you had a great time!

We had a really great time! I’m fine with the low scores because we’re having fun — finally! It hasn’t been very much fun for me a lot of times because I worry about the dancing. Even the dance with my daughter, I was worried it wasn’t going to be good enough for her.

In all 16 seasons of this show, there hasn’t been a single contestant that every other contestant constantly roots for. This cast loves you.

Hopefully you’re right! They’ll keep us on. This Samba was dedicated to my fans. I didn’t get to say that on the show, but I really want everyone to know how much I appreciate it. The fans, people like you, have been so good to us. It’s the fan base that has kept us on because it’s obviously not our scores!

In terms of your sobriety, how much has this show helped you?

In terms of moments in my past world, where I would normally take a shot or a drink, I would say that I had about a million of those moments on this show, during the process of Dancing With the Stars. It’s been extremely hectic and gnarly and nerve-racking. It’s been the worst — I can’t even describe it. But I didn’t drink! It’s just been great. Also, I wanted to let Hollywood know that I could show up and be great. And I got a pilot!

Tell us about your pilot!

The news broke for some strange reason in Israel. I got a tweet saying, “We heard about your pilot on ABC.” Adam Goldberg is in it. It’s with Sony and ABC.

Are you playing another version of yourself?

I always play a version of myself! But let me tell you something, baby — there are millions of versions of me! So, yes, I play Adam’s boss. I play the two leads’ [Adam and Jason Jones] boss. He’s this snippy, little bitchy, sensitive and frantic boss. They should really be my boss, but I’m the one bossing them around, which is always fun.

When are you shooting that?

We’re in it now! We’ve already been rehearsing. Next week, if we’re still on Dancing With the Stars, it’s going to be the hardest week of the competition because I’ll be shooting this pilot and trying to learn the dances. I’ll be doing double-duty.

Reporting by Beth Sobol.

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