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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Sharna Burgess Says She Can Get Andy Dick 10s — Exclusive

Andy Dick may have failed to achieve above sixes for the last two weeks on Dancing With the Stars 2013 (if you ask us, he's underscored!), but his pro partner Sharna Burgess is convinced she can get him 10s — if he makes the Season 16 finale.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to Sharna at the Week 6 after party at Mixology 101 LA, where she confidently told us, "I want to go on record tonight and say that if we make it to Week 10, I believe that I can get Andy Dick 10s with a Freestyle dance."

Whoa! Bold claim. Why is Sharna so confident? It's because Andy has "so much courage. He's fearless. He'll do anything that I ask him. So if I can come up with the right concept and the right routine, I can get him 10s."

Sharna later clarified that she's not positive she can get Andy a perfect 30, but she does think she can get at least one 10. The Freestyle, she added, is definitely the place to make it happen, because "anything goes" and "Andy can be Andy."

Of course, getting the finale will be a struggle for the perpetually low-rated pair. Sharna confided that Andy's biggest challenge right now "is the schedule, taking on multiple dances, and keeping confident that he knows what he's doing."

"He really does know what he's doing," Sharna added. "He's putting so much work in. His biggest difficulty is his own fear. So we're battling that each week, and he's conquering it. Taking on multiple dances ... he feels like it's too much, but I know he can handle it."

Reporting by Beth Sobol.

Find out if Andy lasts another week tonight, Tuesday, April 23 2013 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.