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The Bachelor

Do Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Plan to Get Pregnant This Year?

Bachelor Season 8 Sean Lowe found love in a hopeless place (aka Bachelor Mansion, double aka a terrifying place), and now he's happily engaged to Seattle native Catherine Giudici. These two have been living happily ever after since Sean popped the question in Thailand during The Bachelor's season finale, and rumor has it that they're gearing up for a televised summer 2013 wedding. But the real question? When will these two do the horizontal humpty hump and pop out a baby?

Tragically, not any time soon. Despite the fact that Sean literally wouldn't stop gabbing about how much he wants kiddos during The Bachelor, he and Catherine are waiting to procreate. Why? Because they want to travel around the world, presumably riding on elephants and binge eating maggots while doing so.

“Catherine and I are both adventurous and want to travel," Sean explains to In Touch, "so we’ll probably wait several years.”

Cue pearl-clutching and gasps of "nooooooooo." We're all about Sean and Catherine bonding in some foreign land, but priorities people. Clearly these two need to propagate their seed ASAP so the future lord and savior of Bachelor Nation can bless us with his / her presence!

Do you think Sean and Catherine should wait to have kids? Sound off below!

Source: In Touch