Credit: Amanda Bynes on Twitter; David Livingston/Getty Images    
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If Drake “Murders” Amanda Bynes’s Vagina, Their Baby Might Look Like This (PHOTO)

A whirlwind, imaginary romance started last month with this short, sweet tweet: “I want @drake to murder my vagina.” That’s right, we’re talking about imaginary, powerhouse couple Amanda Bynes and Drake.

It’s almost celebrity baby season, which means we’re going to be fresh out of bumps soon to make way for adorable, celebrity babies! This leaves us to speculate: what about other celebrity babies — the ones that don’t actually exist? We made some fake babies before with using photos of other stars (mostly real couples), but what about Twitter’s favorite hypothetical couple? People are already shopping up some Royal Wedding photos of the two, so why not speculate on what their baby would look like?

We used to figure out the result, but we did have to dig a little deep to find a usable picture of Amanda that didn’t have gigantic sunglasses. The genetic code would theoretically be the same, though!

So what does this fake baby look like? Assuming Amanda’s vagina survives said vagina-murdering, and that vagina led to a fertile uterus, the resulting child might look something like this:

Credit: Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images;; David Livingston/Getty Images    

What a little bundle of joy! And with two child stars as parents, Baby Amandrake is bound to do some great, hypothetical things.

04.24.2013 / 02:07 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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