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The Kardashians

Kanye West And Pregnant Kim Kardashian To Live With The Jenners?

In addition to having a new baby to contend with, Kanye West may also have to deal with living with the Jenner family.

According to reports, given the recent sale of Kim Kardashian's home and the potential sale of Kanye's, the back-up plan for the soon-to-be parents may be moving in with Bruce and Kris Jenner for a while.

Reportedly, Kim's $5 million Beverly Hills home was sold and she's required to be out by August 1. Meanwhile, Kanye has recently listed his Hollywood Hills home for $3.3 million and has already moved out of it. Add them together, and you have a scenario where the stars could be homeless. Kind of.

The couple did purchase a $9 million Bel Air estate together in February, but given all the construction and renovations they are doing on it, the completion date will be long after their child is due to be born.

Luckily, they have the financial means to rent a posh spot until their Bel Air home is ready, but even if they just bunk at Camp Jenner for a few weeks, no amount of financial means will prepare them for the harrowing combination of a new child and overly-present in-laws.

Source: Hollywood Life