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The Kardashians

Kanye West Thinks Kim Kardashian’s Reality Career Is A Waste Of Time?

Kanye West has been holed up in Paris recently, working on his new studio album and fashion label. Since pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian is still working at home in Los Angeles, the couple’s conflicting work schedules have kept them apart more often than not in recent months. But according to Radar Online, Kanye is keeping away from L.A. on purpose, because Kim and her reality shows could be bad for his career!

“He doesn’t want to appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and being out of the country made that impossible,” a source told Radar.

Well sure, we’d already put two and two together on that issue, since Kanye suspiciously decamped to Europe just as filming for the eighth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians got started. But we didn’t realize it was as bad as Radar claims, and that Kanye’s “team has advised him that appearing on the Kardashian reality shows is bad for his brand, and his bottom line.”

Ouch! We don’t want to speak for Kim, but that has to sting a little, right? And if Kanye is so against reality TV, why did he ever appear on Kim’s reality shows at all?

“Kanye did appear on the show several times before he and Kim hooked up but that was because he was trying to get with her,” said Radar’s source “Now that he has her, Kanye wants nothing to do with the reality shows. He most likely won’t appear at all in the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kanye won’t even let Kim talk to him on the phone while cameras are rolling. Kanye wants to maintain his private life.”

But not only does Kanye want nothing to do with Kim’s reality shows, this source claims that that he wants Kim to give it up as well!

“Kanye thinks the reality shows are a waste of time, and contribute nothing. He wants Kim to focus on her fashion designs, and maybe pursue an acting career. But he wants her to quit the reality shows.”

What do you think, could Kanye get Kim to quit her reality career? It made her famous, but does she need to keep doing it to maintain her celebrity status? Let’s discuss!

Source: Radar Online