Pregnant Kim Kardashian FINALLY Spending Time With Kanye West (PHOTOS)
Credit: Jackson Lee/Splash News    
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The Kardashians

Pregnant Kim Kardashian FINALLY Spending Time With Kanye West (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian is over seven months pregnant, and over the course those seven months, her boyfriend has spent a shocking short amount of time by her side. (Or even on the same continent as her, for that matter.)

But not this week! Kimye is currently reuniting in New York City, and the couple has already spent a grand total of — gasp! — at least two days together. Photographers caught Kim and Kanye out shopping on April 22, and then again on April 23. Quality time, guys. It’s the key to any relationship.

For most of Kim’s pregnancy, Kanye has been busy recording his album in Paris, while Kim is busy with her business ventures in the U.S. Though the reality star makes it appear like everything is peachy keen, she reportedly “was forced to admit during her [Kris Humphries divorce trial] deposition that she has [spent] more time away from Kanye than with him.”

Obviously, it’s important that Kanye focus on his career. But is he doing so at the expense of his baby mama’s well being? Doctors appointments, tabloid drama, and just the regular pains, discomfort and hurdles associated with pregnancy — Kim’s dealing with it all, while Kanye’s on the other side of the world.

What do you think: Will he be around more once the baby is born?